Multi-Flex Living

“Agelessness is one of interior design’s greatest fallacies. There really isn’t a space that couldn’t use a makeover every now and then.”
– Stephen Sills

What is Multi-Generational Living?

An Idea Inspired by the Past.

Often referred to in Canada as “flex’ living or in colloquial terms as “sandwich’ living, it is a re-imagining of the idea of home ownership.

It refers to a home, or a plot of land, that is reconfigured to include at least two generations from the same family. It commonly involves purchasing a property in your preferred neighbourhood and building according to your needs.

This may include a Sandwich generation couple, a young family, a relative’s family and an aging parent.

Our sister company, Multi Flex Living makes creating your Multi-Generational homes a reality.

Multi Flex Living

Everything Old is New Again

Multi-generational homes are certainly nothing new. Prior to the second World War Il, multi-generational living was common in North America. It was in the 1950s and 60s that young adults began moving out on their own.

Moreover, in many parts of the world, especially in Southern Europe and South-Asia, multi-generational households are the norm.

There are a number of factors that explain the increase in multi-generational households:

As Canada’s population continues to age, the number of Canadians over 65 will surpass the number of those under 30. As a result, multi-generational living that includes grandparents and children will continue to grow.

This reflects the growing attractiveness and value of multi-generational living situations.

This trend is particularly strong in high-priced housing markets such as Vancouver and Toronto.

5 Benefits of a Multi-Generational Household

The benefits to multi-generational living are significant. In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of multi-generational homes being built. Homeowners and their families are discovering new ways to get the most out of their homes with choices that fit the numerous facets of their lives.


Shared Expenses

Maintaining two households is undeniably costlier and more rigorous than sharing the responsibilities of one. By bringing family members and resources together under one roof, families can collectively address their expenses and allocate finances


Shared Responsibilities

Distributing chores and age-appropriate responsibilities amongst family members is a tremendous way of ensuring that everyone does their part. For younger, more able-bodied members, physical work such as mowing the lawn or moving furniture is a nice trade-off so that the older generation can focus on less physically demanding tasks.


Strengthened Family Bond

While most families come together on special occasions, multi-generational families have the luxury of seeing each other every day. By living under one roof, these families. develop a high level of attachment and closeness.


Ensured Family Safety

With multiple generations under one roof, a home is rarely ever left unoccupied for long, and living with other family members increases the chances that someone is present to assist elderly family members should they have an accident.



One of the primary trepidations families face when shifting their lifestyle is the fear of losing privacy. With so many heads under one roof, it can feel like there’s no place to turn for solitude. Yet, these floor plans are designed to ensure that every family member can have quiet time… [and] allow for complete separation between the generations within the household.

We're Here To Help!

Whether starting from scratch or working with existing land or an existing home, we’re here to help!

More and more Ontario residents are learning about a new trend in home design: Multi-generational living. And we’re proud to announce that Multi Flex Living (MFL) is taking the lead in this family-friendly trend creating innovative and dynamic Multi-Flex Home designs – a new generation of complete family living!

Designed to house parents, grandparents or adult children, Multi Flex Living, offers a home within a home. They can include separate suites within the home for giving occupants increased privacy, while not isolating them from the rest of the family or they can be fully separate floor plans that offer complete privacy with the peace of mind of having your loved ones close by.

MFL understands the importance of creating spaces where an entire family can come together, but still maintain a sense of separation that may be desired when residing together in one large home. This home design offers several benefits to the entire family.

For example, if you’re a family with young children, you can save thousands a year on child care. With your parents or in-laws residing in the same home or in an adjacent joined space, they can care for the children while you’re at work.

And, of course, owning one home instead of two separate homes offers significant mortgage savings! Think of the hundreds of thousands you’ll save by living together.

With this additional living suite, occupants can choose their own floor plan, which allows them to create a customized space unique to their individual style. The living suite can include a separate kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom in the main home or separately on the main floor with a separate entrance. A buyer can ensure that their new David Weekley home caters to their aging parents as well. Choose features such as no-step entries and wide hallways to accommodate your family as they age.

Multigenerational family

One of the most fantastic things about the multi-gen homes is that the home’s square footage can be about the same as a regular home, but configured differently to allow for your extended family. This space works equally well for older kids who are feeling the crunch of affording their own home. It allows for privacy and responsibility of an apartment, but without the steep rental prices.

MFL’s new multi-generational homes are a perfect option for increasing family time and reducing isolation. Multi-generational living not only helps families financially, but creates a sense of community that is vital to this neighbourhood. With a multitude of customizable floor plans and features, Multi-generational Living can accommodate any lifestyle.

We’re always happy to sit down and discuss your specific requirements. We can work with existing homes, custom design and build anew home or develop a design for an existing piece of land you may have.

Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect multi-generational home that suits your entire family’s needs!